What do you say in a breathalyser court?

You need to be honest and apologetic about your drunk driving. Most importantly, explain how you will not get a DUI in the future.

What do you say in a breathalyser court?

You need to be honest and apologetic about your drunk driving. Most importantly, explain how you will not get a DUI in the future. All judges want to hear you apologise for what you did. Making excuses is intolerable and can make things worse.

Never express regret for getting caught, but let the judge know that you are willing to take responsibility for your actions. A criminal DUI prosecution can move quickly after your arrest. While you should consult a qualified criminal defense attorney in person to learn more about your cases and any potential defenses you may have, the following article provides an overview of these California DUI court proceedings. For anyone who has never been arrested before, the possibility of jail time may be the scariest aspect of California DUI penalties.

Fighting to get DUI charges dismissed, reduced, or getting a "not guilty verdict" are ways to avoid jail time after a DUI arrest. Depending on the court in which you will appear, there are usually alternatives to actual jail time. That list is just a small sample of California DUI defenses that an experienced dui lawyer can help you explore. A reputable DUI lawyer will give the judge some background information about you before or during the court proceeding.

It will last anywhere from four ( months to three ( years, depending on ( how many prior DUIs you have, and ( whether you took or refused a chemical test. Although it may seem very difficult to think positive about being arrested for a DUI, it is possible with a little foresight and strategy. The DMV will automatically suspend your driving licence (after the 30-day pink temporary license expires) unless you request a DMV hearing within ten ( days of your California DUI arrest or unless you apply for a restricted IID license (see subsection above). In the event that you plead guilty to a DUI (or other reduced charge) or are convicted by a jury, the judge will sentence you to California DUI penalties - the final phase in the California DUI court process.

There are a number of factors that can determine whether the defendant will face jail time as part of the DUI sentence. An experienced DUI attorney greatly increases your chances of winning the hearing and saving your driving licence. If you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), then you will be taken to the police station and booked. This is when your DUI defense attorney will meticulously investigate your case by doing everything from visiting the scene of the arrest to checking BAC's evidence equipment maintenance records.

In addition to these four important steps to take after a California DUI arrest, there are ten important aspects of California DUI cases that you should understand. Although the DMV hearing is separate from your DUI court case, you still have the right to be represented by a DUI attorney. The pre-trial phase of the California DUI court process typically lasts the longest - from weeks to months. The arraignment gives you the first opportunity to plead guilty, not guilty, or "no contest" to your California DUI charges.

Regardless of whether you win or lose your DMV hearing, your DUI arrest still subjects you to the California criminal court process.